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Phendrana is a split Keyboard based on the nrf52840 and ZMK, inspired by icy themes. Designed to be modular and configurable, the keyboard has breakaway sections for easier configuration, as well as swappable switches, batteries, and microcontrollers.

This is the accumulation of knowledge from designing many Keyboards before. In my opinion, it is one of the best projects I've designed, and one of the proudest I've done. It is by far the project I use the most often, with my actually designing this website while typing on it. Due to this, I believe there is not much more I can add, and have little interest in designing another keyboard now.



Firmware can be found here:

To compile the firmware:

Before flashing, ensure the .UF2 bootloader is installed. It should be version 0.7.0, which can be downloaded here

The file should be named "nrf52840_m2_bootloader-0.7.0_s140_6.1.1.hex", if the M.2 is bought seperately, you will need the Makerdiary Developer Kit Dock to upload it



Currently the Hardware files are not released. The 3d case files are intended to be released at one point, however I wish to fix the files first, and provide more files for different versions of Phendrana.

KiCAD/Gerber files likely won't be released, and neither would the BOM. This is because it wasn't really designed to be built by others, and I'd want to do a complete overhaul if others were to build one. If you'd like Phendrana, contact me

Parts Needed


Rev 1.0.0 - Initial Release - Small errors, requiring 1 wire for USB connection, as well as other small wires to fix small trace errors

Rev 1.0.1 - Unreleased - Fixes errors from Rev 1.0.0


Partial instructions for Phendrana exist, however complete instructions to build from scratch are unavailable.

Assembly Instructions Here:

Can I buy this?

Currently a few Phendrana's have been given to friends, from extra parts I had when making my own. I do not really intend to sell them.

For various reasons, I won't sell them. I can only really sell a PCB and BOM. If you have SMD skills, and want one, get in contact. Please note that prices are subject to change, and lead times may be long (likely about a month).


Phendrana is a keyboard that attempts to follow the ZMK design language. This introduces a few unique features to the board, that may be odd the first time used. These are:

Default Key Combinations

LED Functionality

Power LED functionality is listed below:


Default Phendrana bindings, and Settings_reset can be downloaded here