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Glacier One

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Glacier One is a macropad designed to go along with the Phendrana Keyboard. Deriving it's name from a research center in Metroid Prime, located in Phendrana Drifts, the macropad aims to reach a similar goal, researching the circuit to ensure it works correctly before buying the full Phendrana Keyboard. It uses a Makerdiary nrf52840 m.2 board, so it is easily able to be swapped out if broken.



Firmware can be found here:

To compile the firmware:

⚠ Under Construction: ⚠



Currently the Hardware files are not released. The 3d case files are intended to be released at one point, however I wish to fix the files first, and provide more files for different versions of Glacier One.

KiCAD/Gerber files likely won't be released, and neither would the BOM. This is because it wasn't really designed to be built by others, and I'd want to do a complete overhaul if others were to build one. If you'd like Glacier One, contact me


Rev 1.0.0 - Initial Release - Small errors, and doesn't include the voltage dropout detector in the PCB. Initial versions have been fixed with flywires


Instructions for this project are not available.

Can I buy this?

Similar to Phendrana, a few Glacier One's have been given to friends, from extra parts I had when making my own. I do not really intend to sell these.

If you would like parts, feel free to get in contact. Please note that lead times may be long (likely about a month, I need to get parts and time for assembly), and are subject to price changes.


Glacier One is a keypad that attempts to follow the ZMK design language. This introduces a few unique features to the board, that may be odd the first time used. These are: