Zero Suit Samus Brickheadz:

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A Lego Zero Suit Samus model built in the Brickheadz style

Metroid has to be one of my favourite franchises on earth, so I wanted some merchandise of the game. I found a really cool power suit version of Samus, but disliked the Zero Suit version the designer made. So I took it as a starting point, and made it in my own style!



No definite instructions exist, however the Bricklink Studio files are available for free at Rebrickable


Can I buy this?

No, because files are hosted for free!

Files are available! Click here to go to the rebrickable page!

No instructions exist, but you can buy the parts to build this yourself! All parts are available in real Lego colours, and are able to be bought from Bricklink.

I don't design these to be sold as a kit, but I might consider selling the models I own, if interested, contact