Pyra Brickheadz:

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A Lego Pyra model built in the Brickheadz style

This project was built for fun, after playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it easily became one of my favourite characters. Despite the fantastic game, there's relatively small amounts of merchandise about XC2. Since there was little merchandise, and the other Lego options didn't make me happy, I decided to make my own!



Instructions are available at Rebrickable


Can I buy this?

Instructions are for sale! Click here to go to the rebrickable page!

Instructions can be bought to build this yourself! All parts are available in real Lego colours, and are able to be bought from Bricklink. Please note that buying the instructions won't get you any parts, however parts lists are available for free on the rebrickable page linked above.

I don't design these to be sold as a kit, but I might consider selling the models I own, if interested, contact