This is a website to document OfflineRocket's accomplishments. Go to the projects page to see all my projects.

Why does this website exist?

Mainly, I want to consolidate my work onto one central place. I currently have had my projects spread out around different platforms, which becomes difficult to track. It's difficult to point people to a place to show my projects, especially since previously the most central place was Instagram, which fewer and fewer people are using.

What's the Goal?

The goal of this website is to be made to be simple, it will only be programmed by myself. After trying to find tools or examples to make a website, I couldn't find anything I liked. Of course, this will lead it to be rough around the edges, however I know how it works. My goal is to have this as self-relying as possible, the only exception is where it's hosted. I don't want to rely on other websites for unnecessary fluff.

Why does the website look like this?

There's a few reasons, but primarily it can be boiled down to missing the older internet that was personalized. Websites now are just flat corporate messes, sometimes having unnecessary code that makes it annoying to use. I don't want that to be this website, I want to stand out, even if that means seeming like I'm stuck in the past.

Please note, I design this website by myself, using Firefox as a viewer. It should account for Chrome and Mobile devices, however if errors occur, please try Firefox on a desktop for the intended experience.

Why the name?

Previously known as Lego_Rocket, I have rebranded to OfflineRocket. Why? Well the main reason is if I ever make myself known enough, Lego has full rights to come after me, so I've been debating a rebrand for a while. I always like having a shortform version of my name, so I wanted to keep the [Blank]_Rocket form factor. Eventually I settled on Offline, this is because while I'm often online, I want to be known for the things I do Offline. I ended up removing the underscore as it became annoying to have to specify it

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